Monday, December 15, 2014

Mish Mosh

The kids are getting a little better about eating out.  We can now have a meal without murder being threatened or at least one entree ending up on the floor.

Matching Batman hoodies.

Norah has dressed herself for years.  Every once in a while she comes up with one of these.

A and M went to Australia and the rest of us here got to hang out with Reid and Camilla while they were gone.  There were a lot of movies, walks, and even a trip to Chuck E Cheese.

Lou fell asleep on me the other day out of pure exhaustion.  He hadn't done it in years.  It was blissful.

Norah forces Louis to play school somewhat regularly.  She says he is a terrible listener and I should be prepared for him to go to the office a LOT when he starts real school.

We had several weeks of very cold weather.  I loved it.

My baby is a gigantic kid.

And I can't even deal with how big (and awesome) this one has become.

Even with cold weather you can still have hot tub parties with your friends.


Thanksgiving feast in school.  Thankfully no pilgrims/indians in sight.

Thanksgiving lunch, take two.  The great thing (well, among a million other things) about Lou's school is that the director has two kids at Norah's school.  That means holiday festivities never overlap.

We are all obsessed with this rooster at the grocery store.  I am currently trying to justify making it mine.

More Halloween

I love Halloween.  Thankfully there is a lot to do around here and it was not 100 degrees.  We went out to Sweet Berry Farms for the pumpkin festival.  It's no Half Moon Bay but it definitely beats some of the other places we've tried to go for fall fun.  Lou insisted on wearing his pajama top and Batman boots.

He only wanted me to take pictures of his butt.

We met up with BVZ's cousin and his kids.  Norah painted a pumpkin.

And rode a pony!

Louis ran through a corn maze.

And ate pumpkin ice cream (that's a vegetable, right?)

We took a hayride.

We went to a friend's party and Norah again dressed as the candy corn witch.  Please notice the kid kitchen broom she's carrying around.  Louis insisted on going as a ghost.  He is wearing pajamas with his blanket over his head.

Our friends recently bought an acre of land that they turned into their very own pumpkin festival, complete with kid sized bulldozer.

Super dad hauled kids around in a "hay ride" (i.e., riding lawn mower with a trailer).

Reid had to be Buzz Lightyear because he got in trouble and all his super hero costumes were in time out.

Camilla was not impressed.

That same weekend Norah and I worked yet another festival for Daisy scouts.

She made out with some awesome faceprint.

Norah's school does not let the kids dress up for "Halloween," instead they have a theme and the kids can dress according to the theme.  Last year was a character from a book.  This year was "Blast from the Past."  For whatever reason, Norah decided she wanted to be Cleopatra.  In piecing her costume together from stuff around the house we decided to get a black wig.  One trip to Party City and we left with this bad boy (but no wig).

Lou picked out a skeleton.  I do not remember why he is making this face.  He actually loved the costume.

I made mini cupcakes for his class party.

He changed into Batman mid-way through.

Norah was the queen of the universe in her get-up.  She loved it and would wear it every day if she could.  I even practiced using eyeliner on her.  It might be the first time I ever used eyeliner.

Louis was "boy with a pumpkin shirt and funny hat" on the actual day of.

Reid and Camilla came over for trick or treating.  Our block has a great big party and people walk around with adult beverages, which may be why my photo taking stops at oh, about 7:45.

Another successful Halloween in the bag.

Mini Halloween Party

I love Halloween and I love having Halloween parties.  I like to have big ones with lots of fun food and booze at two in the afternoon.  This year we just were not up to it, so instead I had a Halloween playdate for the girls in Norah's class.  I got a lot of satisfaction from doing something on a very small scale which does not bode well for next year.  

The playdate was after lunch and before dinner, so I just did snacks rather than a full meal.  We had caramel apple bites, mandarin oranges, banana ghosts, candy corn popcorn, and pirates booty.

Norah dressed up as a candy corn witch and her friend A was her kitty cat.

Louie is dressed as the villainous Doctor Octopus.  Doc Ock in a Batman costume.

The girls played games and decorated Halloween cookies.

Kid decorated cookies are so gross.

My favorite part was that before the party Norah drew several Halloween type characters and then taped it to the wall.  She asked her friends to vote on their favorite (with a pencil she taped to the wall).  I am not sure what she did with the winning one, but it was cute.